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We make handcrafted campaign videos that help brands make millions on Kickstarter and beyond.

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you need crowdfunding

Eight million dollar campaigns, over 100 launch videos produced, and an average raise of $350K. Kickstarters are our bread and butter.

your product is hard to explain

Complex products shouldn't be doomed to boring commercials. We can simplify your message in a way your customers will love.

You need to do more with less

A small team, low overhead, and a decade of bootstrapping means we're experts when it comes to smart video budgeting.

You Want to stand out 

We don't make traditional product videos. We make eye-catching, story-driven ads that will set your brand apart.

Service is our

At Launch Light, our mission is to be the world's most founder-friendly video company. 

That means we do what we say, we're quick to respond, and we solve problems before they come up.

Whether we're working with solopreneurs, startups, or Fortune 500 companies, we strive to make the video-making process fun, friendly, and effective.

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Our product videos raise funds, start communities, and turn startups into brands.
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