How a marketing insight helped raise almost $2M in pre-orders.

The Challenge

Nuzzle was launching a product into one of Kickstarter’s most crowded spaces: pillows. They needed a video concept that would make them stand out and boost their pre-order sales. Our team applied the Launch Light Video Method to come up with an idea that did exactly that.


  • Crowdfunding Video
  • VFX & 3D Animation
  • Product & Lifestyle Photography


  • $668,935 raised on Kickstarter
  • $1,252,807 raised on Indiegogo InDemand
  • Kickstarter Video Concept Turned Into National TV Spot

Our Approach

During our market analysis, our team watched every pillow ad we could find. Most of them were dry, slow, and way too informational. So we went with a fast-paced, witty script that was the exact opposite
of what the competition was doing.

For the opening, our research showed that many people tried different “tricks” in order to make their pillows more comfortable. We spun that idea into a funny opening that instantly grabbed people’s attention.

To highlight the NASA-inspired tech that went into Nuzzle, our team created concepts for several VFX and 3D animation scenes. Once our client was happy with our ideas, we then sourced a VFX artist who could bring them to life and oversaw the process.

"From ideation to post, they are creative, hardworking, and very skilled! Working with Launch Light feels like they are an extension of our team rather than an agency."

Jack Clairmont, Founder of Nuzzle