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A boring launch video will sink your campaign

Crowdfunding backers are risk-takers.

Most crowdfunded projects don’t ship on time and some don’t ship at all. And yet year-after-year, backers continue pledging millions of dollars.


Because backers are willing to risk their money for a product that’s new and unique. Something they can’t find anywhere else. A product that makes them feel something.

Because some projects are worth the risk.

So why should your crowdfunding video be anything less?

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Your launch video should make your product stand out

That sounds obvious, but everyday there’s a new video on Kickstarter that opens with ukulele music and the words, “Introducing the World’s First…”

Hear the same something a thousand times and it just becomes noise.

You know what else is noise?

  • A long drawn-out voiceover of features and specs.
  • A slow rotating product shot on a white wall.
  • A nervous founder forced to read lines to the camera.

These are common techniques that feel safe, yet are at high-risk of making your viewers tune out.

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Your product deserves a video that makes it look sexy

It doesn’t matter if most people find it boring (or weird). We don’t make videos for “most people.” Every great product has an audience that can’t wait to buy it. Our job is to craft videos that bring those two together.
Our launch videos raise funds, start communities, and turn startups into brands. We’ve been doing it since 2014 and we can’t wait to do it for you.
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