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But the first thing we do is we find a video strategy that fits your budget. Contrary to popular belief, your video doesn’t need to look like a Super Bowl commercial to be successful. Kickstarter is filled with examples of modest videos that have been hugely successful, but it’s also filled with big budget videos that have flopped.

The secret ingredient is in finding the right concept. As product video specialists, we have years of experience producing a variety of concepts both big and small. And if your project needs a new strategy we’ve never tried before, our team is always ready for a challenge.
Video Services
Campaign Videos

Campaign Videos

Commercial Campaign Video

This type of campaign video is shot like a high-end commercial. It features multiple actors, locations, and a full production crew. 

 Tandem Shower

Doc-Style Campaign Video

This is a campaign video shot like a documentary. Instead of a large crew and professional actors, we use a 2-person crew and focus on the founders and their story. 


Hybrid Campaign Video

This type of campaign video is a combination of different video types. It features lifestyle shots, founder interviews, and user testimonials. 


Video Consultant

For startups that are self-producing or already have a video team, we offer consultation to ensure that your video project is optimized for crowdfunding success. We can provide guidance on all stages of your project, including video strategy, budgeting, scriptwriting, and editing. We charge $125/hour.


Supplementary Services

Founder Video

A staple of Kickstarter campaigns, this video is all about founders and how they got to where they are. Explaining the story behind your idea and what you’ve accomplished are great ways to build trust with backers. It can be an add-on to a campaign video or purchased separately. 


Testimonial Video

Nothing builds trust like testimonies from real users. Our team has years of experience helping regular people feel and sound natural in front of the camera. 

 GI Sounds

Social Media Ads

Fast-paced and catchy, these videos are essential for driving traffic to your campaign or ecommerce website. Complexity varies, from short re-edits of your campaign video with text bubbles, to standalone projects. 

 Mendi 30s Ad


Customers never buy anything confusing and tutorials are a great way to help them understand your product. Production values for these are scalable, but even a simple video can do the job. 

 Logitech UE FITS


Product Photography

Product shots are essential to any crowdfunding campaign page or ecommerce site. We go beyond pretty visuals and take photos that are optimized for creating banners and online ads. 


Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle shots feature actors and locations to show how your product would be used in real-life. If done in conjunction with your video shoot, it lets your photo and video assets look in sync with each other.