This is our story.

From the tech capital of the world to the Hollywood of the South.

The year was 2014.

The place was Shenzhen, China, better known as the manufacturing capital of the world. 

Our founder Antony Bui (pronounced "boo-ee") formed Launch Light during his time at HAX, the world's leading hardware accelerator program. As the resident videographer, he saw firsthand the grueling process founders went through.

Startup life was complicated and difficult, but ultimately, inspiring. Antony spent the next two years producing videos that helped crowdfund ten different projects, three of which raised over a million total. 

Today, Launch Light is headquartered in a quiet suburb outside Atlanta, Georgia. Antony's one-man operation has grown into a full-fledged team, while our client list now includes brands from across the globe. 

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the team

Antony Bui

Antony handles the creative direction for every project we work on.

He has over a 12 years of commercial production experience and is a certified Kickstarter Expert. He's produced videos for close to 100 different startups, but his resume also includes work for major brands like Logitech,
Delta, and Coca-Cola.

Outside of work, Antony enjoys training jiu-jitsu and learning new
filmmaking techniques.

Joe Okoyomo

Joe takes our client's projects and brings them to life using creative screenwriting and vivid storytelling.

He's been writing and directing for over 7 years with experience in commercial production, music videos, and narrative works. His experience also extends into over 5 years of product photography.

During his free time, Joe loves obsessing over his favorite American football team, the Cincinnati Bengals. WhoDey!

Christine Byun

PROJECT manager
Christine is the communication bridge between the creative team and our clients. From first inquiry to final edit, she's in charge of delegating tasks and keeping projects organized.

She has over 8 years of experience in graphic design, art direction, and event production. Her resume includes work for tech giants including Google, Oracle, and Amazon.

When she’s not managing projects, you can find her on the couch with her dog Cookie catching up on TV shows from at least five years ago.

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